Friday, June 1, 2012

Landscape Madness

Gotta thank Chris Powell over at the Chrispy Canvas for this awesome idea of making master paintings of Thomas Cole (founder of the Hudson River School). Seriously, Thomas's work amazes me. His landscapes look like modern concept art even though they were made in the 1800's. This provided much inspiration and I even experimented with a new brush. I found these exercises relaxing and it was interesting to see how far I could push basic shapes while still making them readable. The goal was to create the right mood without focusing too much on details. I took artistic license when I could, especially with colors. Hopefully I can push them further away from the reference the more I practice. I also kept a traditional painting mindset and forced myself to block in solid colors.

- 45 mins -

- 60 mins -

heh heh..for this last one I may have had a bit of Team Fortress 2 inspiration seeing how I've come out of retirement with my old obsession...

- 60 mins -

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